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Welcome to Leaders By H.E.A.R.T.! Diversity abounds in age differences, nationality, gender, experience, gift and perspective differences. Is it ever possible for such diversity to produce power through harmony? In order to do this we as leaders Dr. Lew Sterrett offers leadership training for business and non-profits, 501c3must reflect a
lewwalkingwisdom that goes beyond the surface diversities. In like manner transforming the most natural, self-fulfilling passions of a horse into servanthood takes a skillful hand, which can never be accomplished apart from four secret ingredients. This process takes time and will never be fully implemented unless there is an understanding of the specific steps that lead toward reconciliation. Peacemaking is an act of sharing with others the truths that have brought us peace.

On the occasion of presenting a session to a group of coaches, I was asked in the follow-up time if I loved the horse I had worked with that day. The horse had been particularly challenging, testing my patience and perseverance, and questioning my every motive and move. The audience had witnessed the dramatic change in the horse’s life, being transformed from self-centered and defensive to quiet in spirit, attentive, confident, secure, and responsive to love and affection. My answer was that I had not always felt loving during the process. Sometimes I felt impatient or was tempted toward reactions. Yet with absolute confidence I could say that I had loved him perhaps more than anyone else ever had. Why? Because through years of experience, I had purposely focused on building the character and commitment that would minister to the needs of this animal to such an extent that it would free him from his slavery to selfishness.
Leaders By H.E.A.R.T. is effective because it accepts people where they are, puts them in a context that appeals to every learning style, and exposes them to truths in a non-threatening way. This teaching is illustrated through the training of horses, lecture, and interactive projects and is designed to be fun. informative, and provocative. I am confident that you will find information and interaction through this workshop that will benefit you the rest of your life and leadership.

Dr. Lew Sterrett