Hear what folks are saying after attending our Leadership Seminars


  • Thank you for making us feel at home and comfortable as soon as we arrived and throughout our day
  • The horse demos were all very tangible and applicable for me
  • I really appreciated this because it put a lot of things together and explained concepts in a more usable context for my understanding!
  • Awesome presentation! Very useful and informative. Really enjoyed!

(Allaso Ranch)

acadiaDr. Lew Sterrett has a rare combination of giftedness and skills that translate into a true blessing for anyone who cares to listen to him.
(Dr. Corley – Acadiana Equine Clinic)

LEADERS BY H.E.A.R.T., a weekend well invested. I learned to cultivate positive relationships, to set consistent boundaries, how to instill confidence and encourage positive choices, and conflict resolution leading to greater joy and harmony both in the work place and in my family. (Susan Hurt – Shepherds Valley Cowboy Church)

“I travel a lot and have shared your tremendous work with many of the people we meet. You are a great teammate. Be prepared to join us on the ‘field of play’…
– Les Steckel (President/CEO Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

“I just wanted to give you a progress report and to tell you how very much I appreciate the great message you gave us all that special weekend.”- John Dewey

“I cannot tell you just how powerful the event was among our staff and campers. It was such a unique opportunity for them to be at the arena and experience such a strong visual of important truths.”
– Trudy Cathy White Director, Girls Camp at WinShape Camps

“I was impressed by your message a year ago, and I was no less impressed this time. In fact, not being a horse person, it was very useful to see the differences in the two horses and your treatment of them. These differences further underscored many of the points you were making. Everyone spoke positively about it, and one manager said that he was still thinking about and talking about your presentation a week after it had happened. Anyone who has gone to traditional business seminars knows that is a fairly rare occurrence!”
-Gregory R. Erlandson President of Our Sunday Visitor

“Without reservation, we offer Lew Sterrett our gratitude and we heartily recommend him to any group in need of a person to lead them in a positive direction and leave them with the skills to take their organization to the next level…Lew did a stellar job, was at all times professional…and worked diligently to cover all bases. He used humor, inclusive activities, and great stories as illustrations, therefore keeping members alert, enthusiastic, and responsive.”
Susan Bragg 2005-2006 PHBA President

“The way he communicates with our teenage youth, you can see his calling and his heart for them. He is gentle and direct in his love for our youth.” “He and his team, without a doubt, have one to the most effective and creative ways of presenting values”
Jamey D. Grover Executive Director Baxley Wilderness Institute

“I am a leader of people who have many different levels, both in education and life experience. You have helped me to see how to apply my education to help others to improve our situation at work. I really hope to see improvement.”
James from Grady Memorial Hospital

“Great platform for meaningful communications with staff.”
Michael from Cimarron

“Good reminders- that we want to help our people win.”
-Glenn from HSI Sensing
“I highly recommend attending Dr. Lew’s training. It truly gave me a better understanding of what it takes to be a better leader.”
-Nicole from HSI Sensing

Lew Sterrett joined the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for a workshop teaching coaches to win the hearts of their players. The following are just some of the comments from coaches that attended:

“I took a day to learn how to change a life.” -Rob McCoy, Roberts Wesleyan College

“Wow…my head is spinning with the wealth and depth of topics discussed! They have challenged me to assess how I have dealt with my players and how to define success. I encourage any coach, administrator, and parent to attend.” – David Negin, Madison HS

“An awesome experience. I never quite broke down the philosophy of coaching as well and as meaningful as you did. “The Horse” metaphor was especially moving!” – John Patterson, Jefferson Area HS

“Outstanding Day! I appreciated your vision and leadership in providing coaches a true picture of our role and mission. I really valued the horse demonstration for many reasons but most because it helped me see God as a loving, committed, and disciplinarian teacher who wants me to reach my potential. It was the best illustration of God’s mind-work in my life I have ever seen. Thanks! A great day.” – Rick Havens, Jefferson Area HS

“The workshop put simple words about capturing the heart of your athletes into a great illustration. I’d recommend this as a phenomenal staff retreat. – Tony Kunczewski, Allegheny College


“The workshop was a great encouragement to me. It helped me to see my vulnerable areas and issues with me I want to deal with in relation to my family, players, and team. What a great team – Lew and Lowrie! I can’t wait to see “the horse thing” again. Boggles my mind!” – Cleve Wright, Gannon University

“Surprised, but delighted at what was actually presented. It made a great impression on me”- Jim Dorsey

“Thank you for your wisdom and sharing your H.E.A.R.T.. This ministry has changed my H.E.A.R.T. towards my family. There is so much to reflect on and learn from” – John Ledford

“This was amazing!I love horses, so this was a great experience. Thank you for the wonderful lesson and insight! I highly recommend this no matter what age or profession you are.” -Augineth Fullerton

“As instructor of severe behavior students and a parent you have given me many new ways to look at my students and to help them rise above their failures of the past with love. Thank you.” -Patty Preisse